Special Projects at Kluge-Ruhe

David Bosun Artist Residency • Tuesday October 1, 2013

September 2013

David Bosun (Mualgal) is a printmaker and woodcarver from Moa Island in the Torres Strait. The highlight of Bosun’s residency was the creation of a traditional ceremonial pole, which was carved over the course of three weeks in collaboration with sculpture students in the McIntire Department of Art. Several weeks before Bosun’s arrival in Charlottesville, Virginia, a pecan tree measured to be over 200 years old had to be cut down, and it was from this wood that the sculpture was made. The tree was purportedly planted by Thomas Jefferson, who owned the property during his lifetime. In addition to this project and the exhibition of his work at the Kluge-Ruhe Collection, Bosun discussed the breadth of his sculpture and print practice in an artist talk, and guest-lectured at a number of university courses in the disciplines of Printmaking, Dance, Anthropology, Art History, Linguistics, and Astronomy. Before a crowd of over 200 people in the museum’s scenic back lawn, Bosun performed a traditional Mualgal dance to music sacred to his people while painted up in costume.

Click here to see David Bosun talk about his work.

This residency has been presented in partnership with Australia Council for the Arts.