Past News at Kluge-Ruhe

Second collaborative mural by Reko Rennie and Frank Buffalo Hyde • Friday July 20, 2012

Last March, Reko Rennie (Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay/Gummaroi) and Frank Buffalo Hyde (Onondaga/Nez Perce) collaborated on a mural at the Museum of Native Contemporary Arts (MoCNA) in Santa Fe, NM. The project was sponsored by Terry Snowball, Repatriation Coordinator at the National Museum of the American Indian and a founding member of the Kluge-Ruhe Advisory Council.

Rennie and Hyde worked on the mural, archived on Rennie’s website, over the course of several days, assisted by students from the Institute of American Indian Arts. The title of the work is OA NDN, meaning Original Aboriginal Indian. The mural project coincided with Hyde’s exhibition at MoCNA, Ladies and Gentlemen, This is the Buffalo Show, which concludes at the end of July. On July 21 at MoCNA, Frank Buffalo Hyde will discuss his work in the exhibition and his collaboration with Rennie on the mural project.

Rennie and Hyde met at the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection during Rennie’s artist residency in January 2011. They participated in a symposium at the University of Virginia and collaborated on a mural at The Bridge PAI in Charlottesville. The mural was installed and dedicated in July 2011.