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Photographer James Tylor Visits Kluge-Ruhe for LOOKBetween • Thursday May 22, 2014

James Tylor, Rice and Sugar, 2013, becquerel daguerreotype
In June the Kluge-Ruhe Collection of the University of Virginia will host artist James Tylor, an Australian photographer specializing in 19th century photographic techniques. His visit will provide several opportunities to meet the artist and hear about his culture and art practice.

Of Aboriginal, European and Maori descent, Tylor uses daguerreotype and wet plate photographic processes to explore complex issues of identity and cultural representation. His investigations of Australia’s colonial past and his own heritage have prompted Tylor to fabricate objects and settings that become the subjects of his photographs.

Tylor says, “I try to highlight the less talked about parts of Australia’s history in my photography, such as the conflict between early European settlers and the Aboriginal Australians, as well as the impact that colonization has had on Australia and its first people.”

Sponsored by the Kluge-Ruhe Collection and the Embassy of Australia, Tylor will participate in LOOKbetween, an immersive mentorship program for emerging and early career photographers from around the world. An anchor event of the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph, LOOKbetween provides a forum for in-depth exploration of photographic practice through presentations, discussions, collaborative projects, and collegial critique. During his stay, Tylor will give two talks about his art practice, one on June 12th at the Kluge-Ruhe Collection and one co-sponsored by the Camera Heritage Museum at the Staunton Public Library on June 17th.

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