Past Exhibitions at Kluge-Ruhe

Mount Liebig Photography Project 2004

May 11 – August 15, 2010
In 2004, photographer Simon Davidson was invited to work with young people on a photography project initially devised as a petrol sniffing diversion program in the community of Amunturrngu. Nineteen young people were given 35 mm disposable cameras for the purpose of documenting their daily lives. This exhibition was comprised of the photographs of this project, which showed the realities of life in Amunturrngu.

Davidson says, “The photographs take us on an intimate journey into people’s lives to show us how the Mount Liebig community sees itself. No outsider could capture these images with so much honesty.” This exhibition was loaned by Watiyawanu Artists of Amunturrngu and Peta Appleyard Gallery, Alice Springs.

Amos Wheeler, 2004 Christopher Winjinana Daniels, 2004 Patrick Collins Tjungurrayi, 2004 Dennis Morgan Tjupurrula, 2004