Past Exhibitions at Kluge-Ruhe

Judy Watson: heron island suite

Judy Watson, heron island suite #4, 2009/10.

August 26 – December 18, 2011

heron island suite comprised a collection of editioned prints by Aboriginal artist Judy Watson (Waanyi). The Charles L. Brown Science and Engineering Library held a satellite exhibition from 2011-2012 of eight of the prints. heron island suite is the first major suite of etchings by Watson, which resulted from her residency at Heron Island Research Station in 2009. The prints are based on the animal, plant, and marine life of the island and the research conducted there. Her meticulous process involved multiple etchings and background washes on each print. The colors emulate the luminosity of the sea and show the variety of wildlife that the Great Barrier Reef supports. For information on Watson’s residency at Kluge-Ruhe Collection of Aboriginal Art at UVA in October 2011, see our special projects page.

Presented in partnership with UVA Arts Council.

Ricky Maynard: Portrait of a Distant Land

April 8 – August 14, 2011
The exhibition Portrait of a Distant Land comprised two bodies of photographs by Ricky Maynard (Cape Portland and Ben Lomond people, Tasmania); a collection of five portraits of elders of the Wik-Klakan people (2000), and excerpts from his Portrait of a Distant Land project (2005). Portrait of a Distant Land served as a satellite exhibition for Charlottesville’s LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph.

Born in Launceston, Tasmania in 1953, Maynard is a self-taught documentary photographer whose images of Indigenous Tasmanians have helped to establish their identity as living people with a unique culture and history.

For information on Ricky Maynard’s residency at the Kluge-Ruhe Collection, see our special projects page.

Reko Rennie: Patternation

Reko Rennie, Big Red, 2010.

Curated by Stephen Gilchrist

January 28 – April 4, 2011

Patternation was a collaborative installation exhibition by artist Reko Rennie (Kamilaroi, Gamilaraay, and Gummaroi), curator Stephen Gilchrist and the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection at UVA. Rennie is a Melbourne-based visual artist who uses stenciling on public and private walls to question notions of cultural invisibility, national identity and public surveillance. Sampling Aboriginal iconography with secular imagery, his work embodies the easy duality of contemporary Aboriginality. The title Patternation refers to not just the repeated geometric patterns that often appear in Rennie’s work, but furthermore the rhetoricized and contrived “patter” of Australian national discourse which promises so much, yet enacts so little. A brochure for the exhibition includes an article written by curator Stephen Glchrist. For more information on Rennie’s residency in January 2011, see our special projects page. To learn about the mural Rennie did in collaboration with Native American artist Frank Buffalo Hyde, click here.

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